Meg Matich

is an icelandic to english and german to english translator.




Meg is a financial journalist and copy editor by day, and a literary translator and poet by night.

She holds a master of fine arts from Columbia University's Creative Writing (Poetry) and Literary Translation program. She's received numerous awards for her work -- from organizations like the DAAD, the Icelandic Literature Centre, PEN America, and the Fulbright Commission, and has even translated poetry for UNESCO.  She's a language specialist for Transparent Languages, where you can read her ramblings on all things Icelandic. She's currently at work on an anthology of Icelandic poetry for The Cafe Review (Summer 2018), and a translation of a book of essays dedicated to the former president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (Vigdís International Centre 2018).
Meg is co-founder of Rauða Skáldahúsið (The Poetry Brothel Reykjavik), a poetry cabaret in Reykjavik that uses the trope of the brothel to facilitate the sale of private poetry readings. Its project is to transform poetry into an interactive, immersive, vulnerable experience for readers/audiences.
Cold Moons (2017 Phoneme Media) is her first full-length translation of Tími kaldra mána by Magnús Sigurðsson. The work in English and Icelandic has been translated further into a choral symphony by composer David R. Scott.

Meg's first book, a translation of Magnús sigurðsson's "Timi kaldra mána," Was published in 2017 by Phoneme Media.

The book received funding or support from The Icelandic Literature Centre, The Banff Centre, and PEN America's PEN/Heim Fund.


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