In 2017, Meg met the theater production group Huldufugl, with the kernel of an idea: she wanted to bring The Poetry Brothel, an immersive poetry cabaret, to Reykjavik. 

Meg Matich at The Poetry Brothel, Nov. 2014, in New York City.

With Huldufugl's Nanna Gunnars' production expertise, under the artistic direction of Jessica LoMonaco (The New School), the Poetry Brothel Reykjavik grew into Rauða Skáldahúsið (literally: The Red House of Poets), a playful pun nodding toward the 'red' light we keep in our window. 

The project of Rauða Skáldahúsið is to transform poetry into an interactive, immersive experience. It uses the trope of the brothel to facilitate the sale of private poetry readings (rather than private sex acts) by poets who play specific roles, or characters. And with it all comes  roaring jazz, burlesque dancing, magic, witchery, and live painting and sketching. 

Video: Steinn Thorkelsson 

 Photo: Gísli Friðrík Ágústsson

Photo: Gísli Friðrík Ágústsson

Meg is the revenant in the attic, Nastasia Filipovna. She can only be seen out of the corner of your eye-- always nearly there. 

Though TPB is not a real brothel, Meg is nevertheless an advocate for consensual sex workers' right to practice their trade under safe conditions without fear of harassment, abuse,  or arrest. Sex work is real work.

She's happy to make recommendations for further reading or causes that support sex workers. Please consider, for example, donating a book to an imprisoned sex worker through SWOP's Behind Bars program

(the reykjavik chapter of The Poetry Brothel is not affiliated with SWOP).